Please note:

  • Registration is for a period of up to five years expiring in January of any given year. Teachers must renew their registration by 31 December in the preceding year.
  • Only name, registration number, registration category, registration status, annotations/notes and expiry date are disclosed.
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The Teachers Registration and Standards Act 2004 provides two registration categories: provisional registration and (full) registration. To find out more refer to our website.

The Public Register includes six registration status types:

Status Definition
Current The teacher has no disciplinary sanctions against their name.
Current with conditions The teacher has conditions imposed on their registration. These are recorded on the rear of the Certificate of Registration and must be disclosed to the current or potential employer.
Non-Financial (S) The teacher's registration has lapsed due to non-payment of fees. Their registration is suspended and they are unable to teach until all outstanding fees are paid.
Suspended The teacher has had their current registration suspended until specified conditions are met or until further order.
Cancelled The teacher's registration has been cancelled from the date of the order. Cancellation only applies if the teacher held current registration.
Disqualified The teacher has been disqualified from being registered as a teacher permanently, or for a specified period, or until the fulfilment of specified conditions, or until further order. This is the most severe sanction the Board can apply. It may be applied to both currently and previously registered teachers.